Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gay Men in Harmony

Pride Manila Chorus is the country's first all-proud-gay-men choir. I was one of the first members of this choir wayback in 2004 and I must say the friendship that I have created within this group is something to treasure.

Now, this choir is back and is rehearsing at the California Garden Square (Libertad st., Mandaluyong) every Wednesday and Friday. And the group's harmony is quite remarkable -- interpersonally and musically speaking.

So, if you're a gay man and you're interested to be a part of this choir, contact Raul at 0906-3715928 for details.


Anonymous said...

I would like to meet this men when I come and visit on my vacation. i sing with the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus in California.

Lex Bonife said...


we would be honored to meet you when you visit Manila. Please email me at lex@lexualityDOTcom when you come here. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

pleasure is mine.