Saturday, November 1, 2008

That "Straight" Guy

I met a new acquaintance who was telling me why he would never get caught entering a cinema showing a gay film. He is simply afraid of his girlfriend's friends catching him patronizing such films.

This guy admitted to me how he loves having sex with other men but also assured to me how much he loves his girlfriend. He also shared that he is bothered everytime his girlfriend teases him of being "gay"

Now, here's the glaring fact, this new acquaintance of mine is actually more "swishy" and "effeminate" than I am!

And it makes me wonder, why would girls actually stick to guys who are obviously gay? Why, why, why!


Anonymous said...

FAG-HAGS has been around since (Lord who knows) there are weeds in the garden...they hang-out with gays 'coz they want to be in companies of good-looking, flamboyant, personable guys. and sometimes the friendship equation breaks (1+1=2 becomes 1+1=3). 3 representing deeper than "friends" relationship or even offsprings (God forbids) pesticides (organic of non-organic) could kill these perennial pests. so what do we do - NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

coz they're lesbians!!!