Monday, November 17, 2008

"Bayas" Bar

In the early years of 2000, when gas prices were still about 20 pesos per liter, I drive to Taytay, Rizal every weekends to meet up with my gay friends in the area.

Tucked in this quiet town is a small, unassuming strip bar for gay men called "Bayas". It's an interesting name because, this term, bayas in gay lingo, also means, to masturbate.

The entrance fee is Php50. And drinks for your man is just about Php150. Now, what's really interesting here, is that buying drinks for men entitles you to touch their "thingies" or even give them a quick oral sex if you are as adventurous as some of my friends are!

Another interesting fact about this bar, is that it is also frequented more by women, whose husbands are working abroad. Many women here buy their favorite strippers their own motorcycles, so they can always enjoy a bumpy ride with them every night!

Remembering those hot boys of "Bayas", just makes me want to do, bayas! hehehe!


gildst said...

hey i know that bar! well im from rizal and u cant miss it when you need to go to manila. But i think it was closed today. Ive always wanted to take a peek there but i dont have the guts to enter. I wonder why it was closed? raided? or relocated? who knows. by the way when are you going to go to rizal? ive always want to meet you.

dalumat said...

bayas is closed. who was your favorite dancer, lex? :-)

Anonymous said...

WHO WITH A PROPER FRAME OF MIND WOULD NAME A BAR "BAYAS", when it is known by all what it means. this must be fiction or wake me up and tell me that i was in a wonder it closed(?)raided(?) or relocated(?). DECENCY PREVAILED.