Saturday, November 15, 2008

Meeting the Proud Hunks



"Proud Hunks" is a category here in my blog where I feature sexy and attractive men who are out and proud of their sexuality. Except for Badong, I have never met all the other men featured as a proud hunk.

So, I was surprised to meet two of the proud hunks, Ken and Justin separately. Ken approached me while I was eating my brownies inside Fitness First Eastwood. He asked me if I was Lex. And he introduced himself as Ken, one of the men I featured here.

In another incident, while I was coming out from Abenson's at Shangri-la mall, a nice looking guy with a skin head was smiling at me. He turned out to be Justin.

Both guys were nice and are quite attractive in person.

Now, I can't wait to find our next proud hunk! Any volunteers?

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