Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Time Viewer

Here's another message I got from my other blog Lex Talk


I never knew of this film and never had I seen an Indie film before especially gay themed - until a social networking friend posted some vids on my comment page which paved the way for me to see this film. I can't say much, everything was perfect, the story - which was written by you - Lex, the way the film was shot - superb (thanks to the director), the cast - especially Kenji Garcia and Sharmaine Buencamino. Their acting was so natural and I felt I was taken right to the very place at each scene. I just can't help but praise each and everyone who were part of this film for an excellent job. I definitely will recommend this film to everyone. My hats off to you folks! I'd be looking forward for more Indie films from you. More power and I hope this film bags an international award SOON!



Salamat Exoczar!


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