Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Women's Right?

Riding the Metro Train, I am bothered to notice some women who demand that they be given a special treatment just because they belong to the child bearing sex.

I have encountered women pushing me expecting me to give way to them. I have suffered from women sneering at me every time they feel they are being squeezed inside a jam packed train.

The first car of the train is reserved women and the “special population” – disabled, senior citizens, etc. And that’s aside from the fact that equality among the sexes is recognized in our country. We’ve had two women for presidents, for goodness sake.

With all these facts, I wonder why many women still demand for a special privilege from “gentle men”?


Anonymous said...

BTW...nice photo. if i am not mistaken (100% sure), it is in a city north of the 45th parallel.

Anonymous said...

I agree.
Most women abuse their rights.
They love to make "singit" whenever there is a line. Most of them are arrogant too.