Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beware of Sex

A new acquaintance of mine confessed that two weeks ago, he invited a "text mate" of several weeks in his pad. The guy proved to be a looker and was quite hot. But what he didn't know, this sexy gay man is actually a criminal whose modus operandi is to put substances in your drink that will knock one out to unconsciousness.

My new friend woke up in his underwear, with his mac book gone along with his atm, cellphone and his one month salary.

This crime was the talk of the town among the gay men in our community and was also the biggest story in the government office of my friend who is decided to press charges against the perpetrator.

What horrifies the victim is the criminal is just another gay man like us.


Anonymous said...

this is an old hat trick of the trade. and as long as there are lonely pek-peks out there, it will continue to happen. i believe the illicit drug used is rhupinol (not sure of spelling) but known in street lingo as "date pill".

you're friend is VERY lucky, he wasn't harmed at all. AND, AND, AND, he still got to keep his Bench or Hugo Boss undies.

dalumat said...

keep the advice coming. they're priceless.