Friday, November 7, 2008

Hook Up Safety

While my new acquaintance (from the "beware of sex" post) was sharing the details of the crime committed by a fellow gay man, some of my gay friends volunteered some safety information when hooking up with other men in public places. Here are some very useful tips on this situation:

* Beware of Men who are over eager to come with you. You should feel much safer if you are the one who pursued the guy. Don't be flattered by a stranger's attention.

* If you catch yourself unzipping his pants and you find the penis of your new sex partner flaccid, chances are, he is thinking of other things and that could be committing a crime against you.

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Anonymous said...

WORDS OF WISDON, Lex...sister bloggers should keep a copy of your safety info in their wallets (or purses) and recite them out loud before journeying for a romp in town...start today. Why?...IT'S FRIDAY.