Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Gay Life

In the past few weeks, I have been reading articles on actor Jon Santos and how he describes his domestic partneship with a foreign guy. His semi-retirement in the entertainment industry was spent building a partnership and a home with his male partner.

I think this is a very positive news for the gay community. This is a strong message for everyone that being gay isn't just about hook ups, parties and renting sexual services.

A mature, happy and mutually satifying gay partnership is a reality. And representations of such must be supported by media if we want to promote a positive image of homosexuality in our Catholic-bondaged society,


line of flight said...

This is very helpful for Philippine society (and Philippine society abroad) to get a better picture of the range of healthy relations between individuals.

I also think that being able to bracket shame out of judgments about hooks up, parties and sexual service for hire, will also take us most of the distance we seek to cover as well.

Thankfully we have you writing movies.

Anonymous said...

NOT IN MY LIFETIME, NOR IN YOUR LIFETIME...shall we see the total emancipation of gays in Pinas. as long as we elect tight-ass politicians who proud themselves of pure-conservative stupidity and the clerics holding the soul hostage to preserve the status quo, NEVER, NEVER will there be gay liberation in our beloved's a sad thought for the coming Manila GAY PRIDE.