Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cinema Tip

I was browsing through the guys4men forum when I got a very wise tip regarding hooking up for sex inside third run cinemas. Cruising these dark and dingy places in Cubao, Recto and other decrepit areas of the metropolis are still popular among many gay men for the thrill and convenience of quick sex.

Here's the invaluable tip: Don't go on a payday especially the weekend right after the payday as many crooked cops patrol these areas to victimize helpless gay men.


Anonymous said...

HONESTLY...i fear holdups more than the dirty, crooked cops. at least you have an idea where these cops operate. but holdups, it could happen anytime, anywhere to anyone.

Lex, any tips how to avoid or minimize the probability of holups from your readers? please share naman o.

Anonymous said...

very good... enter these cinemas during "linggo de pataranta" (week in between pay periods).