Sunday, November 16, 2008

Remembering Anton Bernardo

I came across this awesome picture of 90's sexy actor Anton Bernardo at manilagayguy, and I can't help but remember him when I first met him on the set of the past TV show "Subic Bay".

"Subic Bay" was a sexy series starring Joyce Jimenez, Troy Montero, Ruffa Mae Quinto and Priscilla Almeda.

It was such a memorable shoot staying in Subic with good looking actors and about forty bikini models as extras parading almost naked all thorughout the day. Sex was practically everywhere among the talents and the visitors on the set.

Anton Bernardo became a semi-regular talent on the show. And his "bulging" presence made me practically "speechless". He was adorable and karinyoso being extra sweet to gay men in the set.

He even brought his co-actor and friend Alyson VII on the set, bringing "happiness" to several female extras on the show.

Mr. Bernardo last appeared in the film "Torotot".

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Anonymous said...

Anton, grab a laptop and start writing your autobiography. no doubt, you have some good stories to tell. a few jabs of fiction and jaw-dropping exaggerations and presto, a bestseller or a movie...Caregiver (the movie) move over. here comes Anton the Male Japayuki!