Friday, November 14, 2008

Muscled Ugliness

I was lifting weights at Fitness First Platinum Trinoma when I overheard one of their PT's (personal trainers) complaining to two of his clients.

This PT shares how he feels uncomfortable being in briefs inside the sauna as he notices many gay men staring at him. And he recalls how one "big" gay man accidentally opening the shower stall where he is in it while drying up with his towel. He admitted that he initially wanted to punch the face of the gay man but he realized the gay man could have innocently opened the shower stall as no clothes were hanging on its door indicating that its occupied by anyone.

Now, here's the clincher. This muscled PT guy stands about 5'3, with big tummy and a face hunderd times uglier than "Pong Pagong", that turtled mascot from the TV show "Batibot". And did I say that without his Fitness First uniform, you would have certainly mistaken him as a black turtle?

The nerve of this guy to blatantly announce his homophobia as if every gay man is interested of his reptilian ancestry!


Julius said...

go lex!

buti na lang nagSHAVE sya, otherwise katulad din ni KIKO MATSING yung balat nya.

galit ako sa mga taong pangit na, suplado pa. walang K!

dubai, uae

dalyguy69 said...

Funny. I could just picture that troll's face with a very assuming attitude.

Anonymous said...

I could just picture the face of that troll. What a very assuming attitude!

johnny said...

paano naman niya nalaman na gay yung naghawi ng shower curtain?

baka naman kasi sinabing, "Diyuskuday, ang pagong, lumabas sa lungga!" Tseh!

Anonymous said...

here in the West...prospective gym members are given a tour of the premises plus a free 1-week trial membership. this is a golden opportunity to meet and interact with the PTs and staff (at the snack bar not in the wet areas). using your time-tested gaydar, you then decide if you feel comfortable and the gym meets your lifestyle critereons. REMEMBER...gym fees are expensive and it's not a bathouse.

mraunch said...

i think i know this guy lol!!

come to think of it, kaunti lang cute na PT sa suposed premium gym na yun. and moreover, kadalasan ng PT mukhang bagong graduate at walang actual experience in being a PT and achieving results. this from a supposed premium gym!

actually, parang di nga ganun ka-action-packed yung sauna eh (or maybe im in there at the wrong time)

PBB said...


i agree with you on that sense lex - i also know some people who are butt ugly and feels like gay men are after them. i mean who ever gave them that idea na they are desirable to gay men in the first place ba?

maybe it didn't occur to the PT that the only reason why people are looking at him is because he resembles a character from batibot.