Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Homophobic Waiter

Along with some friends from the gay men's choir Pride Manila Chorus, we were eating at a small hole-in-the-wall type of bar in Mandaluyong when the waiter, a lanky teenaged boy started making high pitched and gay irritating sounds. He was obviously having fun with another customer at our own expense.

I usually don't get offended on these kind of treatment from other people having been a proud, gay man since young, but one of my new friends, Bien, an Alabang bred gay gentleman was obviously insulted.

I called the attention of the waiter and interrogated him with an attitude hungry for some blood and violence.

"Pinagtatawanan niyo ba kami dahil mga bakla kami?" (Are you making fun of us because we are gay?)

"Sir, hindi po" (No, sir)

"Sigurado ka?" (Are you sure?)

"Sir, hindi po talaga. Hindi po." (No, sir. Absolutely not)

"Siguraduhin mo, ha!" (Then, be sure about it!)

We paid our bill and stood up.


jaypeeboy said...

saludo ako sau lex!

jaypeeboy said...

saludo ako sau lex!

Anonymous said...

MALING APPROACH LEX...you should have DEMANDED to see the manager and reported the obnoxious waiter who scores poorly on "customer service" and maybe should be thinking of a career change. i am most certain the manager would have fired him right on the spot...next time, if at all possible, patronize gay or gay-friendly establishments. its a way of helping our sistahs employed and avoiding sticky situations.

did you leave a tip?