Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gay Economy

Former Progay Philippines president Oscar Atadero posted a very interesting idea on my multiply site.

He proposed the calculation of the largely unrecognized contributions of gay men to the economy whenever gays pay for sex whether to professional sex workers, masseurs, horny blue collared workers and even the highly priced celebrities and models. I'm sure this includes indirect expenses that is included in the sex-game between men, buying athletic shoes, paying for university tuition fees, etc.

I'm sure the total sum of this monetary transaction could be recognized as a major driver in our economy.

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nash said...

PINK PESO ECONOMY. This was one of my options when i was working on my thesis proposal. Albeit I was really interested in pursuing this study, I was restrained by my budget and time in doing so. Since I was a student, active member of an organizations, officer etc, I would really struggle so much in joggling my time. The study requires primary data,thus, much time will be consumed to have a comprehensive compilatiion of the data. Anyway, I hope this study will come into reality soon. Of course, pioneer study here in the phil. Other counties have already done such research work. If we can just show the society how gay market works in one way(good way) or another, surely, gay community will be much appreciated by the majority (if not all).